Daejin Lighthouse

mokho lighthouse
Location 16-4, Daejin-ri, Hyeonnae-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do
(E: 38°30'0"N: 128°25'9")
First day of operation January 20, 1973
Visual Aids Type 3-lamp (DCB-36 :120V - 1000W)
Intensity A 12-second flash? (FlW12s)
Effective Range 20 miles geographically, 32 miles optically, 20 miles nominally
Sound Type Electrical horn (600w)
Whistling frequency A 20 seconds sound (5 seconds with 15 second pause)
Effective Range 3 miles (5.5km)
Staff 4 including the director
Contacts Phone : 033-682-0172
E - mail : djlight@kornet.net


Situated in the northernmost of the east coast, Daejin lighthouse launched its operation on January 1973, and in line with relocation of fishing restriction line to the north. It was changed to lighthouse watched by a keeper from the leading light to begin its newly assigned mission on April 1, 1993. Now it operates Jeojin leading house (marked north fishing limit line) and Geojin lighthouse using remote control system (Daejin ↔ Jeojin, Geojin).

Structure and Features of the Light Tower

  • Structure: An octagonal reinforced concrete structure with 31m height.
  • Features: The office space on top is used to observe Jeojin and Geojin as well as watchtower.


  • January 20, 1973 : Establishment of lighthouse and first lighting(Leading light)
  • April 1, 1993 : Improvement of light tower (DCB-36)
  • October 27, 1994 : Installment of sound navigation aid (Electric horn)


Daejin Navigation Aids Office has 31m tower and an accommodation building. The lodgings for staff were built in 2000, making a good matching with the tower. From the tower, East Sea, even Haegeum River in the territory of North Korea comes in sight.

How to Get to the Lighthouse

  • Jinburyeong or Sokcho → Ganseong → Daedaeri checkpoint → Geojin → Daejin
  • Sokcho (#1 city bus) → Ganseong → Daedaeri checkpoint → Geojin → Daejin (1.5 hr)
  • 25 minute-walk distance from Daejin intercity bus terminal

Tourist Attractions

  • Hwajinpo
    Surrounded by pine trees, is the largest lake in the area of the east coast with thousands of swans and seasonal birds. There are many seaside villas of the celebrities such as ex-presidents, Lee Seung-man and Kim Il-sung(the North Korea), along the coast.
    Hwajinpo beach is famous for its soft, clean and white sand. No ant or insect inhabits. As seawater and fresh water meets it is known to be the most appropriate beach. In autumn, it becomes more attractive with autumnal tints, coupled with its natural beauty. Hwajinpo museum was newly opened near the lake.
  • Unification Watchtower
    Viewing from 700m-high Unification Watchtower where the DMZ and SLL meets, Guseonbong of Geumgangsan and Haegeumgang, even Oknyeobong, Chehabong, Ilchulbong, come in sight. It's still full of tensions between the South and North at GOP on the front line. Situated at N38° 35' in Myeongho-ri, Hyeonnae-myeon, Goseong-gun, it becomes representative tourist spots of Goseong attracting more than 1.5 millions of tourist a year. The statue of the Virgin Mary and the statue of Maitreya for those longing for the families and relatives left in the North, and Steel Tower, armored vehicle, tank and airplane are displayed for the visitors.