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It aims to deter the disorderly developments and prevent marine pollution by establishing the shore and public waters management system. It aims to curb the disorder caused by unauthorized occupations, and the use of public waters as well as the illegal land-filling activities. It aims to create a clean marine environment by removing abandoned vessels, etc.

Status of Shore & Public Waters Management

Consultations on use of waters: with six coastal cities or counties in Gangwon-do (402km).
Authorized occupation and/or use of public waters (for a nationally managed port: Donghae Port and Mukho Port)

Status of Shore & Public Waters Management
Division No. of cases Area Uses
Authorized occupation and
or use of public waters
10 59,189m2 Sea water intake facilities,
slipway etc.

Organization & operation of staff responsible for management for different ports

Organization & operation of staff responsible for management for different ports
Division Donghae Port Mukho Port
Main Ocean & Fisheries Environment Division Chief Ocean & Fisheries Office Manager
Deputy Staff in charge of public waters Staff in charge of public waters
  • Staff performs patrol to monitor various illegal activities.
  • Staff prepares a plan to deter occurrences of abandoned vessels and ensures rapid response.
  • Staff handles other matters designed to conserve coastal environment.

Creating the management system to prevent abandoned vessels

  • Increased staff patrol in designated port areas.
  • Management system created in partnership with coast guards, fishing village societies, and coastal local municipalities, etc.
  • Rapid response system contrived to deter occurrences (through identifying and focusing on vessels laid up for the extended period).
  • Actions include strongly requesting mortgagees to remove liens on mortgaged vessels.

Implementation schedule

Implementation schedule
Name of task implemented No. of times Timing
Survey of public waters management and
sweeping crackdown on abandoned vessels
Twice a year Every half-year

Legal grounds

Article 55 of Public Waters Management and Reclamation Act (Public waters management and survey of occupation and use etc.) Article 4 of Operational Guidelines for Public Waters Management